Jamii kwa Jamii I Food 4 Thoughts

Resilience I Drive I Creativity I Power

Jamii kwa Jamii stands for family to family l community to community. This is a pilot initiative for food distribution with a sustainable angle in the informal settlement Mathare I Nairobi by three organisations: Vizazi Foundation, PaaMoja Initiative and Maji Mazuri who have been implementing since 2012 the SUP l ‘Social Upgrading Programs’ in Mathare l Nairobi l Kenya.

It is a response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Leveraging on the creativity and resilience of the Mathare community to create a self-sustaining system whereby each person has a part to play. This initiative aims to utilize skills, strengths and stories to engage individuals with different capabilities to build sustainable change while providing 18 families (to start) with food relief for three months.

Six families with educated and talented youth (the ‘Youth Promo Team’) design programs that support six families with able bodied individuals (the ‘New Normal Entrepreneurs’) who can create (again) revenue by innovating new ways to boost and transform their business to the new reality.


Parallel they meet the emerging needs and are inspired by six families with a more vulnerable character in these times like aged and sick individuals (the ‘Story Tellers’) sharing life experiences and lessons. They lean on the other social circles as the entrepreneurs and youth to promote the drive, power and resilience of the Mathare community and inspire to provide revenue by quotes on merchandise.


Jamii kwa Jamii creates a pool of resources that can be shared and invested back into the community and ensure their dignity. An initiative that leads to the concept of ‘Food 4 Thoughts’ which reassures the released energy as value to sustain a community to community response to the COVID -19 pandemic.


Do you believe in the resilience, drive, creativity & power of the people of Mathare?
Do you want to be part of this unique initiative: food distribution with a sustainable angle?
One family of four people can be facilitated for two weeks with our food baskets (2.000 kes = 17,50 euro).


Be welcome,

Team JkJ I infojkj2020@gmail.com


Vizazi Foundation
Bank: Triodos I the Netherlands

Bank account number /  IBAN number: NL11 TRIO 0391000438



With special thanks to our partners:

PaaMoja Initiative I http://paamoja.org/

Maji Mazuri I https://majimazuri.org/