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Wendy De Macker

founder Vizazi (Foundation)


Vizazi | training & counselling services


Wendy De Macker
trainer & systemic therapist
+254 (0)713 678 422


Josephine Munene
program designer
+254 (0) 711 927 666



P.O. Box 27704 – 00506

Nyayo Stadium

Nairobi West

Kenya | East Africa


My level of professionalism in Kenya is acknowledged by:

  • KPsyA | Kenya Psychology Association | KPA/MN/191/16 | kpsya.or.ke
  • KAPC | Kenya Association for Professional Counsellors | KAPC/MNO828/09/16 | kapc.or.ke
  • KCPA | Kenya Counselling and Psychological Assocation | KCPA/4114/16 | KCPA FB
  • APA I American Psychological Association I APA ID 00251844 I apa.org (international affiliate APA I USA)


Vizazi Foundation


Stieltjesstraat 76
3514 JD Utrecht
The Netherlands


For supporting the programs of Vizazi Foundation in informal settlements, your donations are highly appreciated:

Vizazi Foundation

Bank: Triodos I the Netherlands

Bank account number /  IBAN number: NL11 TRIO 0391000438


CC 63570947 | VAT nap
RSIN number 855297621



Vizazi Foundations aim is to sustain Vizazi financial with the priority to maintain the training and counselling programs ‘Social Upgrading Program’. Click here for the annual reports since our registration in the Netherlands since 19.06.2015:



chair & secretary: Jeanet de Jong
treasurer: Bennie Nijhuis


Remuneration Policy

Vizazi Foundation is a non-profit organisation.
Boardmembers are investing time and energy on a voluntary basis.


Plan of Action

Vizazi Foundation is founded in June 2015. The annual report 2015 – 2016, the report of 2017 & ambitions 2018 and the annual report 2018 can be found on this page (see policy).


Financial report

Vizazi Foundation is founded in June 2015. The annual report 2015 – 2016, the report of 2017 & ambitions 2018 and the annual report 2018 can be found on this page (see policy).